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Stages of Coping the Pandemic

For the past five months, we’ve been responsible and voluntarily locked ourselves and our family down at home to keep everyone safe.

And for the first time in a while, we feel less anxious and frustrated since now we know more about what to expect in our daily routine, workloads, schools, and social networks.

Close proximity to our own family has its own challenges. No matter how much we love them, conflicts and arguments may arise.

It's especially challenging for those who have to work from home AND have to deal with children's remote learning at the same time.

Our relationship with the family has been through all FIVE STAGES of coping the pandemic:

DENIAL “Wait a minute. They have to stay here ALL THE TIME and not leave for school or daycare?!?”

ANGER “I have this sudden urge to power walk as far from home as possible to let out an occasional frustrated scream.”

BARGAINING “Maybe I should try opening my own daycare now…”

DEPRESSION “I’m eating gallons of ice cream and online-shopping like crazy.”

ACCEPTANCE “I’m starting to enjoy talking to my family, found some new things in common, and developed some newly found love for all of them.”

Which stage are you at right now?

Share with us what your thought processes are.


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