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Being Grateful in 2020

Gratitude is a powerful tool for growth.

Studies show that when you are grateful, you tend to be more optimistic, confident, and just happier in life.

So imagine what wonders it would do if our children practiced gratitude more often?

Even in this anomy of a year that we have had!

We have only 45 days left in the Year of 2020. That is one and a half month. And just 1080 hours left!

It’s been a whirlwind kind of a year for all of us. At the end of this year and with the holidays coming up, we want to take this opportunity to reflect and be thankful for what we have.

Due to the pandemic and shelter-in-place, our Tiny Sprouts team have been working from home out of concerns for everyone’s health. (We have doctors and teachers on our team. We also have young children and old folks as extended families.) Working remotely certainly has its own challenges, but we’re pulling it through!

We’re grateful for what we’ve endured and overcome because we know that all challenges makes us realized what a little thinking outside the box and a switch of perspectives can do in times of difficulty! 💪

♥️ Let’s share with each other what we have to be thankful for!

♥️ Share with us what challenges you have endured and overcome this year!

♥️ Let us know what we can do to help support each other!

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