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At Tiny Sprouts®, we make social and environmental responsibility our personal responsibility. Our entire business operations model, from supply chain and production to distribution and logistics, is thoroughly examined and ensured to minimize our carbon footprint. 

The raw materials used in our products are entirely toxic-free and both FDA and RoHS (EU) approved. We make sure that all of our partners conduct rigorous testing on all products to ensure none of our components contain toxic chemicals.  Everything in our board game construction is environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. 


 Our Promise

We only work with artisan suppliers and partners who are small family-run businesses that take pride in their workmanship. Produced in sweatshop-free environments, our products are partially hand-made and crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

10% of proceeds are donated directly to organizations that help children and families that are less fortunate, whether that is providing education, food, or shelter. We believe in giving back and 

Building a better future for our children means equipping them with a kind heart, a clear mind, and creating a clean and sustainable world for them to thrive in. This is our dedication.
We proudly partner with Orphan Outreach®, an amazing organization that not only builds schools but also staffs schools with teachers, supports mental health of families and children, as well as providing after-school care to families in need all around the world. It's a privilege to be a partner with an organization that serves so many children and families world wide.

To date Orphan Outreach has served 13,050 children and families and 1,261,738 meals around the world. Tiny Sprouts® and Orphan Outreach® will be partnering through charitable donations as well as in areas of educational and well-being support.
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