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" acquire a host of invaluable tools with which to constructively and intelligently navigate the sorts of emotionally dense, real-world encounters that are a natural part of every child's day-to-day life. "

"STAFF FAVE! Such a brilliant game for kids and family to enjoy. Not only does it teach our kid's emotional intelligence, communication, and compassion, it includes a guidebook that helps grown-ups and educators become better support systems for their kids."

"Empower Empathy™ is amazing. I love the design. I would definitely recommend this game for every family. It's wonderful and fun to play."

"I really love this game. It was fun to play and I also like how it helps kids learn to express their own emotions."

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 "I love it, I want to buy it and play it with my kids and share it with the world. This is excellent work not only in game design, but in human empowerment."

- Judge feedback  

"So WELL DESERVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
We want to convey our gratitude and recognition for producing an extraordinary 
product that makes a positive difference in the lives of our families."

"This game has a worthy and noble goal. Empathy and sympathy are sorely lacking sometimes in the real world and it would be great to see more of it being practiced. I think this game could be wonderful for younger students with social-emotional challenges in school. The art is charming and certainly enhances the theme."

- Judge feedback


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“The theme and the purpose of the game itself are your most innovative features. I think it is excellent to have a fun experience to teach invaluable lessons to kids and I can't think of any other game that attempts to tackle this goal."

Caleb Segura / Tabletop Game Designer

“Empathy is a really cool concept to design a board game around,  and ultimately feels quite novel. I love the embrace of a classic villain yet he is to be defeated using very nonclassical means. I am intrigued and excited. Seems really neat!"

Micah Manary / Board Game Reviewer

This is the perfect combination of adorable and life-changing! It is so inspiring to see you both create such a unique way to help the younger generation. I think we, as a society, may get so caught up in our own lives we forget how important it is to teach the little ones some of life's greatest lessons early on!

Jordan Smith / CEO & Business Consultant of Smith Consulting Services

What a cute game! It’s awesome that this game helps kids develop emotional intelligence. As a teacher we directly teach strategies for academic subjects in school. However, some children need to be taught emotional intelligence in a fun and direct way. After all, emotional intelligence is a better indicator of future success than an IQ score.

Ann Chang / Child Development and Education Faculty


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