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Quick Start Guide

Your Mission: Move ALL Superheroes around the board and pass Start without having any RED blocks leftover. If more RED blocks exist after the round, Goobi wins. If all blocks are fixed back to GRAY then Superheroes win.

Step 1: Primer

08 Emotion Cards.JPG

Introduce all 28 emotions.

Step 2: Setup


Setup City Blocks red face down, Goobi at the center,

Superheroes at the Start.

CityWatch and PowerUp cards face down.

Step 3: Play


Roll dice and spin board.

Determine if villain or hero moves.

Step 4: Villain Starts


If Goobi goes, move him out of sewer to City Block based on dice number.

Do not turn block red.

Step 5: Hero Starts

04 Super Squad.jpg

If Hero's turn, move any Superhero forward number of steps based on dice roll.

Step 6: Repeat


Go counter-clock wise.

Next player rolls dice and spins board.

Step 7: Villain Moves


If Goobi, move him forward number of blocks based on Dice Roll.

Wherever he lands, turn the block red.

If he lands on PowerUp, he goes back to sewer.

Step 8: Hero Moves

  1. If Hero's turn, move ANY super hero forward number of steps based on Dice Roll.

  2. Land on RED > Flip a CityWatch card > find emotions relevant to that scenario > Turn block back to Normal.

  3. Land on POWERUP > Flip a PowerUp card > Discuss question > Keep PowerUp card till end of game (Each PowerUp can flip over a leftover red block)

Step 9: Faceoff


If Superhero or villain land on same block, do Face-off challenge.

Player selects one emotion, shows to all players except self.

Other players mimic the emotion, player must guess emotion in 3 tries or less.

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