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Who we are...

Welcome to Tiny Sprouts! Our sole mission is to create fun and captivating screen-free games and products targeted at strengthening the emotional well-being of children. We hope to help children grow into kinder and stronger human beings. Character traits such as kindness, perseverance, integrity, positivity, and social skills are some of the essential building blocks to strong childhood development. Focusing on these traits, our team designs products using evidence-based teaching strategies and tools traditionally used by professional therapists and counselors and integrating them into playful products that are accessible to all families.

Crafted by professionals,
simple enough for families

Awards and Buzz

" acquire a host of invaluable tools with which to constructively and intelligently navigate the sorts of emotionally dense, real-world encounters that are a natural part of every child's day-to-day life. "

"I love it, I want to buy it and play it with my kids and share it with the world. This is excellent work not only in game design, but in human empowerment."

- Judge feedback

"STAFF FAVE! Such a brilliant game for kids and family to enjoy. Not only does it teach our kid's emotional intelligence, communication, and compassion, it includes a guidebook that helps grown-ups and educators become better support systems for their kids."

"So WELL DESERVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
We want to convey our gratitude and recognition for producing an extraordinary 
product that makes a positive difference in the lives of our families."

"Empower Empathy™ is amazing. I love the design. I would definitely recommend this game for every family. It's wonderful and fun to play."

"I really love this game. It was fun to play and I also like how it helps kids learn to express their own emotions."

"This game has a worthy and noble goal. Empathy and sympathy are sorely lacking sometimes in the real world and it would be great to see more of it being practiced. I think this game could be wonderful for younger students with social-emotional challenges in school. The art is charming and certainly enhances the theme."

- Judge feedback

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Our Founders

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Founder, Education Guru

Being an educational psychologist by trade and a creative educator by passion has landed her the role as an Educational Guru at Tiny Sprouts®. Most notably by her public engagement as a parent educator, corporate consultant & speaker, she is best known for developing innovative and creative educational programs that center around human development, cultural diversity, and emotional awareness. Her interdisciplinary experiences in visual arts development, music performance & pedagogy, program evaluation, and marketing strategy are just some of the tricks up her sleeves. She is also a mother of 3 boys.



Founder, Creative Director

With over 15 years of experience in the high fashion and media publication industry coupled with a management background in consulting and leadership experience in top fortune 500 companies, she brings a wealth of business acumen and artistic direction to the Tiny Sprouts® team. These experiences enable her to  bridge the two seemingly disjoint worlds of business and art, inspiring her unique vision for product and visual design. These two worlds coupled with her passion for philanthropy and advocating for children's mental health, have unfolded into a unique role of Creative Director at Tiny Sprouts® .

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