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Preparing for an Optimum Remote Learning Experience

Photo: Imgorthand/E+/Getty Images

Remote learning is unlike anything we have ever had to do before as teachers and as parents. We too have children and understand the myriad of challenges that come with remote learning.

Every day, we not only battle with kids still in bed, cameras off, students focused on eating or playing with other toys instead of learning, et Cetra, we also worry about their academic progress and the efficacy of their online learning.

Are they paying attention or are they playing with something else during the lesson? Are they getting enough support without any face-to-face interaction with their teachers? Are they turning their assignments in on time? Are they...? Are they...? Are they...??

We know that these are challenging times and that we are all trying our best, and our support in providing a conducive learning environment is MUCH needed by our children and appreciated by their teachers.

Last time we talked about setting up an environment in the house that is best suited for the types of learner your child is. Providing an area in the house where students can sit and have their materials ready can help their learning. Creating a schedule of waking up by a certain time in the morning and getting dressed, eating, brushing teeth, and being ready for class to start at the beginning of each class is ideal for setting up our kids for a successful day. By now, parents understand that the more we can mimic an environment similar to the one we had in school, the better students will learn and be successful.

Amongst all these physical reinforcements we can help make, we must also recognize that children and families do not need curriculum forced upon them. Now, more than ever, we need help coping emotionally and psychologically during these incredibly trying times.

This is where our focus really needs to be.

We need to spend more time listening. We need to unmute our children. We need to unmute the parents.

Let's take this rare opportunity to use our technology to talk about feelings, to create social interactions, and to connect with one another.

With your continued support and collaboration during distance learning, we’re sure you have seen some great things happening in your child’s emotional growth.

We are in new territory but we are EXTREMELY hopeful that everything will continue to get better and better every day.


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