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Having a Growth Mindset for the New School Year 2020

After scrambling for the past five months, most of us have accepted the inevitability of the pandemic - which means that we are now feeling much less anxious and more relaxed.

Having a positive growth mindset right now is more important than ever. How we have preserved and thrived through the hard times will ultimately show our children how to build character and grit.

Here are some Growth Mindset mantras to tell your child and yourself every day:

* It’s okay if we don’t know the whole plan.

Circumstances are fickle nowadays and can change within a day. It’s totally okay to go one day at a time. Plan for the day. If something unexpected happened, take a deep breath before coming up with a Plan B.

* My child, their teacher, and I are on the same team together.

Know that the school administrators and teachers are on your side. Keep an open communication with them to be on the know. Do not hesitate to contact them when we need help, whether it’s academic, behavioral, or technical issues with online schooling. They are there to help.

* We will figure things out together one step at a time.

This pandemic has thrown us a big curve. No one knows for sure what is to be expected. Celebrate small victories and forgive ourselves for little mishaps.

* We can always learn from our mistakes and try again.

This is indeed uncharted waters for all of us. So what if something doesn’t work out the first time around? Regroup, clear your mind, then come back. No one is keeping tabs on our mistakes. The important thing is that we have learned and progressed in this entire process.

* My attitude and effort determine how much my child will learn.

Believe it or not, our children are watching us parents on how to deal with this pandemic right now. Years down the line, they will be looking back on the Year of 2020 and remember how we have dealt with all these unexpectable.

* Together we can work things out and overcome.

Yes, there’s no denying that things are awkward and tough right now. But together as a community, we will overcome, one step at a time. Five years down the line, we will look back on this and smile.


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