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IQ vs. EQ: Which is More Important?

Your Intelligence (IQ) may help you academically or technically initially.

But ultimately, it is your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) that will determine how successful you will go. This is applicable in ALL relationships, whether it be in personal relationships with your partner or spouse or extended family members, it can also extends to your social circles or professional life.

Many people are scholastically intelligent by their own right, but if they are not able to navigate well socially, such as working well with others, having empathy toward another, knowing what to say or do that is socially appropriate or acceptable, they are kind of stuck.

Many of the Silicon Valley companies in recent years have begun to transition their job application screening process from purely technical to psychosocial. Gone are the days that these companies use highly technical questions to test their applicants. Boeing asks its applicants to complete a questionnaire, which contains 250 common work-social scenarios where the applicants must decide what they would do. Questions like, "What would you do if you are on a deadline, but your manager asks you to take another task on?" "How do you manage stress?" "What would you do if you think you're more skilled or knowledgeable than your supervisor?"

The purpose of these type of these psychosocial questions are apparent. With the advances of technology, knowing the technicality of science and math becomes basic. What these big companies are looking for is to find someone who is able to work well in their work culture, someone who is cooperative, someone who has the social grace to navigate smoothly in working environments. It is also interesting to note that, while the fancy degrees might get you in the door, how well you work with others ultimately determines how high the corporate ladder you'd ultimately climb.

We can boost our IQ by studying hard, reading more books, gaining more knowledge. But how do we train EQ?

Can EQ be learned?

Look no further because our toolbox of Empower Empathy does JUST THAT!

Empower Empathy is not just a board game, but a tool box that sharpen your EQ with real-life scenarios for you to practice observational skills, emotional awareness, and take socially-acceptable actions. You not only learn how to be more self-aware and more mindful of your surroundings, you will also learn how to solve problems with better social grace and finesse.

Empower Empathy contains more than 160 hand-drawn scenarios that you'd typically encounter for players to sort out their thoughts and feelings before decide on a socially appropriate action to take. It also has more than 80 in-depth discussion question that allows you to delve deeper on your own emotions in a fun and creative way. Along with a guidebook, you will be able to implement evidence-based strategies each week with opportunities that are found everywhere in your daily lives.

So what's better than learning all these important skills? Empower Empathy is the quintessential model of learning through playing. You will be transformed into a superhero along with your playmates as you save the city of Empathropolis from the emotional destruction of a villain named Goobi. You will be able to use your thoughts-feelings-action packed strategies from cognitive behavioral therapy to solve day-to-day social dilemmas.

Get yours NOW to start upping your Emotional Intelligence!

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Marysa Nicholson
Marysa Nicholson
Dec 08, 2022

It is interesting to compare the two. I've never heard of EQ before, but I'm glad this is something that is getting a lot of consideration. I think especially when you think about life skills, both of these are so necessary in order to be a supporting member of society.

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