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The Professional Deluxe version of Empower Empathy.


Discover the most powerful tool to teach empathy by exploring the city of Empathropolis™ to defeat the villain, Goobi. This collaborative game and Exploration Guidebook combo help children develop emotional awareness and empathy with a positive growth mindset by transforming them into superheroes with superpowers that can resolve any social dilemma.


Plays in 30-60 minutes, depending on the number of players and the extent of discussion on each answer

Ages 5+

2-6 Players


Our Teaching Approach:

Step into unique City Watch™ Scenarios to be mindful of thoughts, feelings, and actions

Master emotional awareness with 28 different feelings

Sharpen communication through self-reflection with Power Up™ cards

Exercise empathy every day with our easy-to-use evidence-based exploration guidebook



Our Board Game Design:

Quick to set up

Easy to learn

Professional graphic designs

Self-contained inbox storage for easy cleanup

Casino-grade German white-core paper with smooth satin-finish

Extra Dense high-quality handmade game box with glossy finish for durability and keepsake

Custom made Double-A Extra High-Density Premium 5-ply 2.5mm white cardboard for all game components

Printed with Vegetable Ink®

100% environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable

Empower Empathy Professional Deluxe Edition

  • Box Size 10 5/8"H x 11 1/8"L x 4 1/4"W

    Comes with:

    • 1 x Exploration Guidebook (includes game instructions and teaching guide)
    • 1 x Thick Matte Gameboard that folds into quarters
    • 24 Configurable City Blocks (setup your own unique city each time)
    • 80+ City Watch™ Scenario Cards printed on thick card stock
    • 60+ Power-Up™ Discussion Cards printed on thick card stock
    • 28 x Emotion cards bound together in a rotating card deck
    • 6 x Superhero game pieces
    • 1 x Villain Game Piece
    • 1 x Spin Board
    • 1 x Wooden Dice
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