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What Can Be Done for Mental Health?

We're devastated and heartbroken.

In the last 10 days, we have had elderly black people killed in the supermarket in Buffalo. We have Asian churchgoers killed in Southern California. And now we have children murdered in the school.

Below is the most horrifying list to have.

How many more schools do we have to add to this list before we take action and implement change?

The deep root cause of all these is not just the tool in which the assailants use to cause harm. It's not just the defensive security we must placed on the doors of public places.

The deep root cause of all these is MENTAL HEALTH.

If everyone is emotionally and mentally stable and well, a weapon placed out there in the open will rust to pieces before anyone would pick it up to intentionally kill someone.

Are we paying attention to mental health wellbeing of those around us?

Not just our children, EVERYBODY.

What tools can we use to aid mental health wellbeing?

Below are a few resources that you may find helpful in reinforcing a sense of safety as you talk with children about this tragedy in an age-appropriate context:

  1. Talking to Children About Violence: Tips for Parents and Educators (infographic) - National Association of School Psychologists

  2. Hablarles a los niños sobre violencia: consejos para padres y educadores (infographic) - National Association of School Psychologists

  3. Talking to Children About Violence: Tips for Parents and Teachers - National Association of School Psychologists

  4. Parent Guidelines for helping youth after a shooting - National Child Traumatic Stress Network

  5. Explaining the News to our Kids - Common Sense Media

We at Tiny Sprouts® firmly believe that our board game Empower Empathy holds the keys to instilling the seeds to emotional awareness/regulation, socialization skills, and empathy. Not just children, but for adults alike.

Empower Empathy is unlike any other board game but a toolkit that uses evidence-based strategies from clinical and research settings to help guide adults and children how to navigate social dilemmas by using three Think-Feel-Action steps. It even includes a guidebook to easily and practically implement and teach strategies about empathy to daily life.

Do you agree that EMPATHY is the medicine the world needs right now?

Mental health cannot wait.

Act on it today.


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