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TinySprouts® Recommends: "Most People" by Michael Leannah

This book won the 2017 Gold Moonbeam Children's Book Award: For dedication to children's books and literacy and for inspired writing, illustrating, and publishing.

In a world full of fear and distrust, children are often taught by anxious parents to be careful and be wary of people.

This book shares with readers that most people are good, kind and helpful, and that children don't need to be overly fearful of the world no matter how much the media communicates this.

In the midst of a pandemic and uneased society, this book offers just a ray of sunshine in humanity that we so desperately need. It gives us just enough glimmer of hope that we need to instill and restore faith in the goodness of people.

Click on the link HERE to listen to the story read out loud by the author himself.

A hardcover of the book can be purchased HERE.

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