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Meet Goobi!

Our team of designers and artists have painstakingly gone through many versions of Goobi to create this adorable yet despicable villain in our soon-to-be-launched board game, Empathy Power~

Goobi is our adorable yet despicable villain who is coming to invade and wreak havoc on the city of Empathropolis!

When Goobi is on the prowl, the emotional and social states of the citizens are turned upside down. People are feeling confused, thinking irrationally, and behaving naughtily.

Goobi is literally painting the town RED with his misdeeds!

We need YOU to save the citizens of Empathropolis!

While he is acting as a villain in the city of Empathropolis, Goobi is also that nagging annoying little voice that sometimes makes us feel irritated, frustrated, angry, or absent-minded.

Why does Goobi appear when it does?

What do we do when our own Goobi appear?

How should we handle social dilemmas when Goobi is out?

Get ready to own a copy of Empower Empathy because Goobi cannot wait to meet and FACE-OFF with you and your family in our fun and engaging board game that will Empower your Empathy!

Check out the video The Evolution of Goobi here to find out how Goobi has evolved over time!

Follow us to get updates on when you can own a copy!!

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