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TinySpouts® Recommends: "Be Kind" by Pat Zietlow Miller

This sweet book "Be Kind" by Pat Zietlow Miller and illustrated by Jen Hill gives many examples on how to be kind in our daily lives.

The book starts off with an all-too-common scenario that any of us could encounter - a girl who has accidentally spilled juice on herself.

As a bystander, the narrator does not join in teasing the girl but goes into thinking on what ways she could do to make the girl feel better.

When her "usual" tactics does not work, the book then goes into more of a self-reflective tone where the narrator wonders what it really means to be kind.

She talks about how sometimes it could be difficult to be kind even if you wanted to be.

So then she thinks of different ways that might make the girl who spilled juice feel better.

The book touched upon an important element of kindness: that it can be contagious. Paying it forward to make the world a better place. And what's a place to start than to the people around you?

As we read the book with our children, point out different scenarios to your kids and ask if they have ever experienced them. Ask how they'd feel if it were in their shoes. And as someone who is an onlooker, what can they do to show kindness. It'd make the concept of kindness more concrete if we are able to pull from kids' own experience that's liken to a similar situation described in the book.

If your kids have demonstrated kindness in any shape or form, be sure to acknowledge their positive action and thank them for being kind. Describing how their gestures of kindness has made a positive impact to others really help reinforce on being kind. Some positive impact may be how other's feel like, "Jossie must feel so relieved and happy that you came to help her." Other positive impact could be how their kindness has paid forward, "See how your compliment has made him smile? And now he's complimenting her."

What other ways you can use this book to help kids learn how to be kind?

Empower Empathy is a fun and engaging board game that has included more than 160 practical scenarios for kids to reflect and discuss what they can do to show kindness and empathy.

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Click on the link HERE to listen to the story read out loud.

A hardcover of the book can be purchased HERE.

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