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The Big Umbrella by Amy June Bates & Juniper Bates

"The Big Umbrella" is authored and illustrated by the mother-daughter team Amy June and Juniper Bates. It's a simple and sweet book without a lot of words.

The main character, the Big Umbrella, is a red umbrella always with a nice friendly face.

The big umbrella is personified with a sweet personality.

It also tells what the big umbrella likes to do.

It likes to help.

It likes to give people shelter.

It likes to bring people together.

Throughout the book, the umbrella magically grows larger and larger to shield everyone from the rain.

It accommodates whoever seeks to be under the big umbrella.

When everyone is under the big umbrella, no one noticed the differences amongst themselves.

This book shares with readers the story about an inclusive umbrella that has room for everyone.

Readers will enjoy sharing this book with children as it shares ideas of inclusion, hospitality, and welcoming others.

Tell us how you like this book, and what you think about inclusiveness and accepting others as they are.

Click on the link HERE to listen to the story.

A hardcover copy of the book can be purchased HERE.

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