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How Much Does Your Child's Mental Health Cost You?

Traditional Board Games: $20-$30

Professional Therapeutic Tools: $200-$300

1-Hour of Piano/Soccer Lesson: $80

Empower Empathy: $79.99

Your Child's Mental Health: Priceless

In deciding the price point for Empower Empathy, we ran into a little conundrum. 🧐

Empower Empathy is not only just a fun and exciting board game that kids go nuts over but a therapeutic one that professionals use in clinical settings and an educational one that teachers use in educational settings.

The type of board game that Empower Empathy is stands between a regular board game that is typically priced around $20-$30 and professional therapeutic tools that are priced around $200-$300.

With the quality materials that we have carefully curated and the sustainable business model we've adapted by using small artisan shops, we could very easily charge $150 for the type of educational tool that Empower Empathy is.

But we also want our products to be easily accessible to families and every single child at home. We want to make evidence-based strategies apparent and accessible to all. We want to help prevent issues instead of watching people scrambling for solutions while struggling in frustration.

Why wait until a real problem exists that would take years in a therapy's chair to resolve when you can prevent it by playing and learning a little bit each day at the leisure of your own time?

Why be reactive to behavioral issues later when you can be proactive in cultivating mental health wellbeing, strengthening socialization skills, and empowering empathy?

So here it is, Empower Empathy at its best - bridging the best of both worlds of traditional board games and professional therapeutic tools while the price is less than an hour of piano or soccer lesson.

Is your child's mental well-being worth it?

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