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Extend Empathy to Our Mother Earth

At Tiny Sprouts®, we make social and environmental responsibility our personal responsibility.

We care about the type of stuff that we give to our children: to eat, to wear, and to play with.

We want our products to be all-natural and toxin-free. And we want our products to be sustainable and recyclable.

That's why we searched high and low to ensure that our entire business operations model, from supply chain and production to distribution and logistics, is thoroughly examined and ensured to minimize our carbon footprint.

The raw materials used in our products are entirely toxic-free and both FDA and RoHS (EU) approved.

We make sure that all of our partners conduct rigorous testing on all products by ensuring none of our components contain toxic chemicals.

In addition, our products are made with water-based adhesives, which leaves fewer agricultural residues than traditional petroleum-based inks or any other vegetable-based inks.

We only use vegetable-based ink that contains low levels of volatile organic compounds which minimize toxic emissions and make everything environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.

EMPATHY must not only extended to mankind but to the very earth that we share.

Click here find out more how we uphold our environmental responsibility.

So come celebrate with us!

Each week we will be exploring weekly themes of --

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rejoice!

Check out the calendar below for a list of suggested activities at home and in your neighborhood to contribute to a better world!

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