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Cast Your Vote!

Which City Watch™ Scenario Cards would you rather have: Colored or Black/White?

We started out with black/white cards. (Option 1)

Our original intent was to let people use their own imagination to "color in" what the characters on the cards might be according to their own cultural preferences and styles.

(Not literally draw with colored crayons but with their own imagination)

We then selected an array of 16 different colors for hair and skin to color in the cards randomly. (Option 2)

At Tiny Sprouts®, we are an inclusive team that is culturally sensitive and compassionate. In light of recent protests, we feel even more strongly that Empathy is what people need in this society to embrace diversity and tolerance.

Which is why we need you to help us decide!

Which set of cards - black/white OR colored - would you prefer???

Tell us your reasons, too!


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