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Why We Give Back

Since the conception of Tiny Sprouts® back in 2017, responsibility has been at the core of our founding principle - responsibility towards the environment through sourcing, manufacturing, and product design and responsibility towards society through giving back. In our case, we give back 10% of every purchase to children's charities that build schools.

We believe in educating the heart through social and emotional learning but also educating the mind through providing education and schooling to children who would not have it otherwise. However, charities that build schools have become scrutinized in recent years because many organizations only build school buildings but do not provide the support to keep it running, leaving behind a wake of empty buildings. We are aware of these concerns and choose our partners conscientiously. We want foundations that share our principles and have transparency in their operations.

That is why we are excited to announce our partnership with Orphan Outreach, a wonderful organization that not only builds school buildings but also staffs school with educators, trains teachers, and even provides after-school care to families. They believe in creating a holistic support structure that enables families to succeed and become independent to break the cycle of poverty. These are the types of organizations that we look forward to serving the world together. Our partnership with Orphan Outreach will span donations to collaborations on providing mental health support through play therapy as well as educator support. We look forwards to the many exciting possibilities that can happen between our organizations.

If you know of an organization that shares our values, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are always on the lookout for charities that we can work together with to educate the mind and hearts of our future generations.

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