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Ready to Power Up your Empathy Power?

Join the movement of Empower Empathy to help cultivate little leaders of tomorrow!

Discover the most powerful tool to teach Empathy - Our one of a kind board game that comes with a teaching guide to engage children and their caregivers with fun exciting games and easy-to-follow tips on how to learn empathy through play.

Our Power Up™ Cards are categorized into 28 different emotions that will allow the players to dive deeply into discussions and self-reflection as you play Empower Empathy™.

Power UP your emotional awareness, communication skills, self-reflection, and empathy with our 80+ Power Up™ Discussion Cards in our upcoming board game Empower Empathy™.

Empower Empathy™ is the first of its kind tool kit that includes a board game and a teaching guide that will help develop Empathy and emotional awareness through fun collaborative play.

For a limited time only, subscribe to our VIP Launch List to get 10% off when when Empower Empathy™ launches! 🚀


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